Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

This is one of the Microsoft office applications designed for typesetting of letters, curriculum vitae, resume etc. it also has some tools that enables the user to carry out some designs such as making of pin-up, stickers, tables etc.
Methods of loading Microsoft word

1st method

1. Click on the start button located at the task bar
2. Locate and select the office button
3. From the options locate and select micro soft word.

2nd method

1. Click on the search button located at the start button on the task bar
2. From the search command box locate and select all files and folders
3. Type in the name of the application program you want to search for ‘WinWord’ for ms-word
4. Click on start button
5. After search you select the right option eg ‘WinWord’
6. Double click or right click on the WinWord
7. Allow the system to load it for you

3rd method
Click on the start button located at the task bar
Locate and select the run command option
Type in WinWord and click on ok
Allow the system to load it for you
Hold the ‘windows’ key and the ‘r’ keys simultaneously
From the pop-up box type in ‘WinWord’
Click on ok
Allow the system to load it for you

4th method
Right click on the empty space of the desktop environment
From the option select new
Locate and select Microsoft office word
From the displayed icon type in the name you would want to use to save the document and double click on it
Allow the system to load it for you

Features of the Microsoft word
1. Title bar:
These displays the name used in saving the document with the application name
2. Office button:
This is the command that contains some key command such as exit from where you live the application you are currently working on, others include the new, open, save as, save, print, print preview, etc.
3. Quick access tool bar:
They allow the user to employ the use of some important tools that Is displayed next to the office button.
4. Control tool bar:
This command enables the user to minimize, restore up and down, and to close down ones current work.
5. Menu Tabs:
These bar includes the home tabs, insert tabs, page layout tabs, references, mailings, Review, view.
6. Rule bar
7. Scroll bar
8. Status bar


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